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Labor activity

17.08.2004 present time - chief geologist of Severgas-invest Ltd.

02.06.2003 16.08.2004 chief geologist of JSC Nadymneftegas

30.06.2002 16.12.2002 - vice chief of Principal management of natural resources and environment of the Rostov region (Ministry of natural resources of Russia)

27.11.2000 30.062002 - vice chief of South regional department of natural resources (MNR - Ministry of natural resources of Russia)

06.01.1999 - 24.11.2000 - chief deputy of department of development of a fuel and energy complex of the Economy department of Krasnodar regional administration

08.1998 - 12.1998 Institute for Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels (IGIRGI), director assistant on geology

1998 - 07.1998 State Center of Science, State geological firm " Research-and-production join Yuzhmorgeologia", deputy of general director - chief geologist

1993-1998 Krasnodar provincial committee on geology (Cuban Geolcom), vice-chairman - chief geologist

1991-1993 Research-and-production center "Shelf", director

1989-1991 Specialized research-and-production join "Krasnodarberegozaschita", deputy of general director on scientific activity - chief engineer

1988-1989 All-Union research-and-production join "Soyuztermneft", scientific employee

1985-1988 All-Union specialized marine research-and-production join "Soyuzmorgeo", higher scientific employee

1984-1985 Geology search office of Industrial join "Krasnodarneftegas ", geologist

1981-1984 All-Union specialized marine research-and-production join " Soyuzmorgeo", engineer

1980-1981 High school 47 (Krasnodar), geography teacher

1979-1980 Krasnodar complex geological expedition of "SevCauGeologia", engineer on geological activities