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Вигинский В.А., Ефимов В.И. Деформационные процессы в земной коре как один из факторов нефтегазообразования и нефтегазонакопления // Нефтегазовая геология на рубеже веков. Прогноз, поиски, разведка и освоение месторождений / Доклады юбилейной конфе-ренции. Том 1. - С.-Пб. - ВНИГРИ. - 1999. - С. 128-131.






Areas of approbation of technology



















The theoretical substantiation

n       One from major problems of oil and gas geology is the excretion within the framework of oil-and-gas-bearing basins potentially of productive areas (zones oil-and-gas-bearing), within the limits of which one the main storages of hydrocarbon would concentrate within the framework of basin.

n       The padding capabilities were opened because of statements(confirmation) of submissions about processes of oil and gas generation and oil and gas formation, which one were formed in an outcome of long-term researches executed(made) in YF SB AS USSR in 70 - 80 years under the direction of the academician A.A.Trofimuk.

n       The mass migration of hydrocarbon is originated in “zones” at the expense of fissile emigration. The thermo-catalitic factors have an effect for shaping most of favorable mode of generation of hydrocarbon and determine in conditions of equal deformations this or that degree of a catagenetic metamorphism of dissipated organic matter. With conditions of reduction tectonic of pressure(voltage,stresses) during deforming stratas are ensured shaping traps and fissile course of secondary migration of hydrocarbon. The accumulation of hydrocarbon in traps also is inspected by deformation process.

n       Taking into account youth (13,4 Million Years) maximum development in earth crust of a hydrocarbonaceous formation, greatest value for us there are a newest deformations of a sedimental cover.

n       Oil-and-gas-bearing should be connected to heightened values of deformations of containing complexes. The last conclusion is confirmed empirically for regions with a different tectonic item (fig. 1). All developments of a gas presence on a northwest shelf of the Black Sea lay within the limits of heightened values of conditional deformation of a Post Eocene strata. In a Dnepr-Donetsk avlacogene to areas of density of the off-the-shelf strains of a Mz-Kz complex is dated about 85 % of squares of a concentration of reservoirs of hydrocarbon. At a local level the similar relation is fixed in limits  of a Grivenskaya Square (northern side of the West-Kuban trough), where the direct coincidence of a circuit of a gas presence and maxima of deformations is marked.


Algorithm of excretion “ of deformation oil-and-gas-bearing zones ”

n       The gear of shaping of hydrocarbon (HC) reservoirs reputes existence of the certain barrier value of a degree of deformation stratas. The analysis of distributions of array of values of conditional deformation has allowed to define their polymodality and impossibility of application of statisticians describing the normal law. Simultaneously, in all these combinations in the field of minimum values of conditional deformation the stable modal frequency splashes are fixed.




















Algorithm of excretion “ of deformation oil-and-gas-bearing zones ”

n       Similar kind the modal values fix background deformation, reflective, a predislocation status of the considered complexes. It allows to determine a modal value of distribution of general array of a degreeof deformation as a unknown quantity boundary (sufficient) value for want of definition of areas interquartile oil-and-gas-bearing of complexes.

n       Definition of the upper threshold of deformation (outside which one condition of preservation any more do not allow to be saved of interquartile reservoir) is made on a base of distribution of values conditional deformation minus values of deviation of general deformation from unit (in absolute expression). The last parameter, representing a index of a modification of volumes for want of strains, as it is visible on Figure, reaches significant values only in conditions of sutural folding (i.e. for want of achievement of disjunctive stage of development of deformation process), that allows by an obvious image to exclude these values from consideration of a common deformation field.













Algorithm of excretion “ of deformation oil-and-gas-bearing zones ”

n       Th fields of a dilatance strains are transformed to fields behind a deduction of “boundary” abnormal value (was considered by serial summation of modal value this or that from named fields with tripled, doubled or purely as standard deviation).

n       The detection of industrial oil-and-gas-bearing is most interquartile (probably, as large reservoirs) in the zones adequate a minimum window in distribution of values of deformation (a mode summarized with standard deviation) - hereinafter: a deformation window of oil-and-gas-bearing. This  submissions were examined on an example of the West-Kuban trough (WKT).






















Algorithm of excretion “ of deformation oil-and-gas-bearing zones ”

n       The preliminary consideration of lateral variations of a deformation window of oil-and-gas-bearing in limits WKT has shown stable enough correlation last with already known in it limits by zones oa oil-and-gas-bearing. Are clearly exhibited a narrow bandwidth of a southern side of a sag, and also Anastasievsko-Krasnodar anticline zone. Within the limits of northern side WKT a broad belt of theoretically optimal deformation for the oil-and-gas-bearing also is fixed, which one corresponds to the zone, revealed per the last years, of development of reservoirs of gas condensate in a sediments of Middle Miocene (Pribrezhnoye, Morozovskoye, Varavenskoye etc.). A number of a favourable segments to the north of this belt is mapped.

n       The consideration of a lateral convergence of reserves in reservoirs of hydrocarbon in limits WKT has allowed from the formal party to evaluate exhibited correlation. The map of reserves was plotted because of of being available reserve balances and extends a being available information for 01.01.1997 - on the Figure are shown as a variations of a surface.

n       The hit rate of parameters was evaluated on a principle of the alternate sign (hit or not hit of reservoir in limits of a deformation window of oil-and-gas-bearing). In an outcome of such consideration has appeared possible to evaluate a hit probability of reservoirs of hydrocarbon in an interval of a window oil-and-gas-bearing. It has constituted  86,46 %, that has enabled to consider zones hitting in “ a window of oil-and-gas-bearing ”, as a real-life (empirical) oil-and-gas-bearing zones.
















Excretion of oil-and-gas-bearing zones in the Tuapse trough of the Black Sea

n       The described above algorithm was applied for an evaluation of a potential oil-and-gas-bearing of a Maycop Tuapse trough of the Black Sea (from the south of Northwest Caucasus, closing an orogen).

n       The use of designed technology with reference to area of a Tuapse trough was made in view of possible oil-and-gas-bearing by all  of a post Oligocene strata of sediments. For want of it, the deposits of a PostSarmatian and Miocene (PreMeotitian) complexes were considered. The boundaries “ of a deformation window of oil-and-gas-bearing ” are defined for cases of summation of modal value of a field of dilatance strains both with purely standard deviation of the same field, and with doubled and tripled it by values. Most informative, as well as in case with WKT, has appeared a field of summation with purely standard deviation.

86,46 %








Excretion of oil-and-gas-bearing zones in the Tuapse trough of the Black Sea

n      More careful analysis of a constitution of a seysmic complexes in limits of the most interquartile area of density of resources of hydrocarbon has enabled to bleed the most perspective segment which is known in the literature under a title to Ivanovo Square.




Area of a possible application

n      The application of technology “ of a deformation window of oil-and-gas-bearing” for want of excretion of zones oil-and-gas-accumulation is most effective within the limits of sedimental oil-and-gas-bearing basins, are described:

ð     By weak geological and geophysical studying (potentially oil-and-gas-bearing);

ð     Described by azonal distribution of reservoirs of hydrocarbon;

ð     By high scale of assimilation and considerable extrication of known fields - for preparation of recent trends of oil-and-gas-finding activities (in a complex with a conventional by methods).

n      The offered method of application is invariant in relation to a type and character of distribution of manifolds in basin, and also - to age of a skew field, containing reservoir. It is stipulated by features of deformation processes of sedimental stratas promoting formation  of reservoirs as a singenetically, and in an outcome tectonic processings before formed sediments.


Probable regions of the most effective application




n      Oil-and-gas-bearing basins of Azov-Black Sea-Caspian region;

n      Basins of a Central and East Europe, area of the Baltic Sea;

n      Northern Sea;

n      Southern and Southeast Asia;

n      The Persian Bay and Mean East;

n      Central American segment of Thetys;

n      Western Siberia;

n      a Lena-Viluy syneclise;

n      et cetera.






Capability of purchase

n      The purchase of all rights on technology is possible - for this purpose it is necessary to pay the consumptions on research works for finishing technology up to a status of the completed engineering algorithm followed with the software. It is expedient to provide the costs of patenting of algorithm in a number(series) of leading countries.

n       The purchase of a software product (under computer capabilities of the customer) for express train - forecasting of oil-and-gas-bearing zones in field conditions is possible.

n       The realization of activities on excretion of oil-and-gas-bearing zones as in field conditions (with indispensable geophysical tracking, including marine conditions), and on given by the customer to primary materials is possible.